Sunday, February 7, 2010

KDevelop Php Update

I finished today the (for me) most missing feature in the KDevelop Php language plugin. It fixes parsing problems that occur when a project is initially parsed and the code makes heavy use of classes together with an autoloader. That means no include() statements for parent classes or static function calls. (Typical when using eg. Zend Framewok)

Previously code completion was broken until you manually forced a reparse, now this reparsing is automatically done once a identifier is not found - the file is added to the parse queue with very low priority - and the base class will be parsed meanwhile - and found correctly in the second pass.

Credits for this should mainly go to Hamish - who implemented that more or less the same way in Java language support.

As KDevelop is currently frozen for Beta8 I couldn't commit yet, until then I created a temporary git repository.


  1. Very nice, thanks. Do you know if anybody is working on the python plugin? It somehow disappeared in my distro.

  2. Thanks for your work on php plugin! keep doing good job!

  3. @dkrapohl:
    No - it's in playground and wasn't touched for some time.

  4. This command will try to update the information in the GNU Build..

  5. Why is KDevelop PHP support so important, when we've already got so many PHP IDEs out there?

  6. under gentoo - i cant correct compile the kdevelop-plugins package. :(
    This contains the phplanguage-support ...

  7. @Bodo:
    report the issue to gentoo

  8. accurate this error:
    canning dependencies of target kdevphplanguagesupport_automoc
    Generating phplanguagesupport.moc
    /var/tmp/portage/dev-util/kdevelop-plugins-9999/work/kdevelop-plugins-9999/php/phplanguagesupport.h:86: Error: Undefined interface
    automoc4: process for /var/tmp/portage/dev-util/kdevelop-plugins-9999/work/kdevelop-plugins-9999_build/php/phplanguagesupport.moc failed: Unknown error
    pid to wait for: 0
    Generating phpparsejob.moc

    i hope, this helps to understand me :D

  9. @Nico sorry, you was to fast or i was to slow ...

  10. @PHP Developer India

    I don't know of any really good open source PHP IDE's that are even comparable to KDevelop. The KDevelop PHP plug-in is a great leap forward for decent PHP development on KDE.

    What are the many PHP IDE's that you are you referring to?

  11. Are you going to support this plugin?

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