Monday, November 5, 2012

KDevelop upload plugin (like Quanta had it)

Quanta 3 back then had this "Upload Profiles" feature that allows you to develop locally and upload to a given remote url using ftp/fish. When I started contributing to KDevelop the first code I wrote was a plugin that basically does exactly that.
More than 4 and a half years ago... time flies...

But I never got around releasing it as it was inside quanta - you know the story.

Now that quanta is declared dead it makes sense to release this as standaline plugin - though not much changed in the last 4 years.

Disclaimer: if you want to do serious web development, do not use this. Do yourself a favor and deploy using a version control system. If you have a simple website without any cms - well it might make sense to manually upload changed files.

If you still insist on working like in the last century, you can get kdev-upload here:

And now time for some screenshots showing the plugin:
Configure upload profiles in the project configuration

Upload a single file use quick upload from the context menu (or configure a shortcut like Quanta3 had)

Upload a whole directory also use the context menu

Browse the contents of an upload profile use the tool view on the right

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quanta update

Back in the good old KDE 3 times there was a quite nice application for doing web development: Quanta+.

The plan was to base Quanta 4 on the same library KDevelop 4 uses - however development for Quanta itself stalled. See also my blog post from exactly 3 years ago - the situation didn't change much since then.

An update for contributors to Quanta/KDevelop plugins:
Last week in Vienna I moved out all plugins from Quanta into their own independent repository; we now have:
each as independent repository allowing to build or work on a single one.

So there is actually a lot happening for Quanta 4 - without even mentioning the kdev-python or kdev-ruby plugins - languages we never had support for in Quanta 3 times.

What's left in quanta? Well - basically an empty skeleton. Quanta is dead. Long live KDevelop.