Thursday, October 25, 2012

KDevelop Project and Filesystem view improvements

Since I'm from Austria I had to attend the KDevelop/Kate sprint which is held in Vienna this year. Thanks to Joseph for organizing the sprint. We are having a great time here - hacking all day long...

After two days I have been productive and implemented a few small but still possibly useful features.

Since quite some time the project view supports moving items using drag and drop.  However copy was not supported. I added there a drop menu allowing you to copy - and as a side effect also allow you to cancel an accidental move operation.

The second new feature is similar: it gives you the possibility to copy/paste items in the project view through the clipboard. Even pasting files that where copied eg. in dolphin is supported.

The third one is bookmark support for the filesystem view - just a kate has it. The bookmarks are stored per session. This can be useful for web developers to store the fish:// locations of test/production servers for quick access.

And last but not least, it is now possible to add two filesystem views - which might be useful to connect to test/production server.

All features can be found in master branch and will not be in the recently released KDevelop 4.4. But 4.5 will follow early next year...


  1. Good stuff, thanks!

    I wonder: I have a strange recollection that back in KDE3 times, KDevelop's filesystem would integrate with the VCS plugins and highlight files that have been modified but not committed. Is my recollection correct, and is this functionality present in the KDevelop 4 series?

    Cheers :)

    1. We have a VCS changes view that does basically that. But it's not integrated in the filesystem or project view.

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