Monday, November 5, 2012

KDevelop upload plugin (like Quanta had it)

Quanta 3 back then had this "Upload Profiles" feature that allows you to develop locally and upload to a given remote url using ftp/fish. When I started contributing to KDevelop the first code I wrote was a plugin that basically does exactly that.
More than 4 and a half years ago... time flies...

But I never got around releasing it as it was inside quanta - you know the story.

Now that quanta is declared dead it makes sense to release this as standaline plugin - though not much changed in the last 4 years.

Disclaimer: if you want to do serious web development, do not use this. Do yourself a favor and deploy using a version control system. If you have a simple website without any cms - well it might make sense to manually upload changed files.

If you still insist on working like in the last century, you can get kdev-upload here:

And now time for some screenshots showing the plugin:
Configure upload profiles in the project configuration

Upload a single file use quick upload from the context menu (or configure a shortcut like Quanta3 had)

Upload a whole directory also use the context menu

Browse the contents of an upload profile use the tool view on the right


  1. "Disclaimer: if you want to do serious web development, do not use this. Do yourself a favor and deploy using a version control system."

    Can't you do both?

    I.e. use a version control system locally, but use this tool to upload new revisions to the FTP server.

    1. Sure you can. And you definitely should.

  2. "use a version control system locally, but use this tool to upload new revisions to the FTP server"

    definitely the best choice for most people using 'cheap' webhosting, where usually running a version control system on the remote site is not an option.
    so, an upload tool is not just for those insisting on working like in the last century :)

  3. The git checkout for this project and most of the ones that are mentioned in your other post are missing a COPYING file. Can you add them please ?

  4. Hi,

    can you provide a binary package or a readme file with install instructions?


  5. Thanks - your work kept me from the company suggested netbeans IDE ... so far ;-)
    Is it possible to combine Save and Quick Upload action?

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